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4 Reasons to Consider an Adjustable Bed Base

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Sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and your sleep needs can be just as individual as you are. We've showed you how to choose the perfect mattress for you but now you can take your perfect night's sleep one step further. If you're considering an adjustable bed base, consider these four reasons why now might be the right time to get one.

1. They're good for your health

Sleeping on a flat mattress can cause existing pains or medical conditions to worsen, making your sleep worse and leaving you with aches the next morning. (Worn out mattresses can also cause poor sleeping posture so if it's been more than 8 years since you got a new mattress, it may be time for a new one.)

Vitality Adjustable Base

Adjustable mattresses allow you to sleep in the most comfortable position for your body by elevating or lowering your legs and torso as needed. Many people report more refreshed sleep after switching to an adjustable bed but they are ideal for alleviating breathing problems, back pain, swollen joints and insomnia.

2. They fit your lifestyle

Do you ever lie in bed at night trying to read a book or watch TV but the angle of the bed is preventing you from being comfortable? An adjustable bed allows you to find the perfect angle so you can enjoy your favorite bedtime activities and slip off to sleep comfortably.

Grand Queen Adjustable Base

3. They help you relax

Adjustable beds can help to relieve your back pain and allow your whole body to relax while being fully supported. Adjustable beds will also help you fall asleep quickly and give you a good night's sleep tailor-made for you so you wake up energized.

4. They're more affordable than you think

Adjustable bed bases can run into the thousands but there are many more affordable good quality models available. A great night's sleep doesn't have to be expensive – our Vision Queen Motion Base is just $490.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.32.45 PM

Vision Queen Motion Base – $490

Ready to make the switch? Check out our selection of adjustable bed bases then come in and try them out for yourself! You'll wish you did it sooner.

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