5 Furniture Tips for Pet Owners

While our pets bring us many joys, one of them is not all the fur and scratch marks on the furniture. You may think it's im-paws-able to keep your home looking both clean and trendy with a pet, but it's really as simple as knowing which pieces work and which to avoid.

To create a space that is cozy and easily livable for both you and fido, you'll need to pick out pet-friendly fabrics, patterns and furniture pieces. But where to start? We've got 5 easy and affordable solutions that'll keep you and your furry friend happy, clean and best of all – uber comfortable.

1) Match colors or fun patterns to your pet's fur: Search for sofa's that have a pattern, or a color that is close to your pet's fur. Chances are, even if you set up a human barricade to keep your animal off the furniture, pet debris will still find it's way through the air and onto all of your new beloved pieces. With furniture that matches your pet's fur, shedding is less noticeable leaving your home looking more perfect with less effort (or should we say, purr-fect).


2) Pet-friendly is guest-friendly: Find chic toys and bones that will send your pet over the moon, and will also add to your home's decor. By splurging on your pet a bit with decor that looks nice in your home, you will save tons of time rushing around before guests visits trying to find places to put all of your pet's chewed up toys or worn out bed. This also adds a bit of your own personality to your home, making it feel more warm and welcoming to guests.

3) Consider Synthetic Fiber (Microfiber): Microfiber is as Pet proof as you can get. Cats don't seem to like scratching this fabric and even if they try, it's easy to brush away. Cleaning microfiber is as easy as 1,2,3, literally. Check out our blog, How to Clean a Microfiber in 3 easy steps and you'll find choosing durable and functional fabrics will make your life much more relaxing!

Fabrics to Avoid: chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk, and tweed. These fabrics allow for pet hair to become wedged in the fibers and are difficult to clean.

4) If you already own a sofa with an unsuitable fabric for pets, but you aren't yet ready to buy new- invest in slip covers or blankets. By doing this, you'll protect minimize wear and tear on your furniture while still allowing your furry friend to lounge around. Slip covers and blankets are also easy to clean and there are tons of inexpensive options.



5Give Leather some Love: One of the most attractive qualities of leather is that it is generally resistant to odor and it won't attract pet hair. As we said earlier, and as you know all to well, pet hair is bound to find it's way to even a leather sofa. The good news is it's easy to just brush off with a duster, or even your hand. While scratches from a pet who loves to cozy up are a bit harder to get rid of- they can usually be buffed out.


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