A Look at 2020’s Design Trends

Are you a fan of the trendiest décor? While we know certain things are out of date (shag carpeting and popcorn ceilings and carpeted bathrooms, oh my!) we are taking a look at 2020’s newest trends! Check out our comprehensive guide to the top trends of 2020 (and a bonus peek into 2021!)

A Return to the Classics

Throwback trends chintz couches are returning, as are curvy furniture shapes inspired by the 60s and 70s. Look for curved sofas, as well as chaises and benches, designed with undulation and asymmetry to guide them.

Art with Character

Textured art is back, as well as vintage-inspired pieces and décor designed around antique art. Unique conversation pieces with personality are in, in contrast to one size fits all accents we’ve seen in recent years.

Funky and Fresh Wall Style

Instead of plain neutrals, look for warm hues, saturated colors, and jewel tones. Textured walls, bold colors like navy blue, and even audacious floral wallpaper prints are making an appearance in 2020 homes. High contrast décor, too, gives a break from the boring, with loud, bold colors and patterns balanced by solid classics.

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!

Patterns have new relevance- on sheets, curtains, furniture, and throw pillows. Layering them makes a much more interesting look than the match-centered trends we’ve seen in recent years.

Multifunctional Spaces are on Point

With more people working and schooling from home, being able to use spaces in more than one way is extremely relevant. Crafting a workspace without having a home office involves creative organization of your space, as does making find a way to incorporate workout space, play space, and learning space into the living areas of your home. To create a multifunctional space that works for you, look for furniture that serves multiple purposes, whether a storage ottoman to stash the clutter, floating shelf, or island that doubles as a desk.

Subtle luxury is in!

Today’s upscale interiors are clean and simple, with layers of luxe materials in subtle patterns and textures. Playing against plush, rich fabrics like velvet provide a warm appeal. The result is a space that doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard: upscale bohemian, with finished edges and comfortable elegance.

Bedding Gets Airy

Patterned bedding is replacing the solid sets we’ve come to expect, and people are splurging on high-quality linens. Canopy beds are in, but they’re not the heavy canopies of years past. It’s important to keep the size of the room in mind when choosing a bed, because heavy furniture can weigh down a small room. This goes for other bedroom furniture as well: an airy feel is a better option than pieces with too much bulk.

Eco-Friendly Design: Good for your Health

A decorating trend that incorporates natural materials into modern environments, biophilic design (eco-friendly materials and natural-feeling décor) can help reduce stress and balance blood pressure. Incorporate nature directly using natural light, water, and plants to create a more balanced atmosphere in your home. You can also include items made with organic, all-natural materials, like our Natural Elements line of mattresses, to aid in your sustainability and health. For extra outdoorsy feel inside, include wicker and rattan décor in your current designs.


Looking Ahead to 2021

Decorating with natural elements is a trend with some serious staying power, as is sustainability. The most important thing to remember, though, is that though trends always shift from year to year, you can’t go wrong when you fit your interior design to your personality. Take your time and find high-quality pieces that speak to you, and you’ll have décor that will stand the test of time.

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