Debunking Common Mattress Myths

Are you in the market for a mattress? There’s such a tremendous variety of mattresses from which to choose, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. Add to this the prevalence of misinformation about mattresses, and the whole process becomes downright confusing. Do you know the facts about these common mattress myths?

Each type of mattress has its own set of untruths and confusing assertions. For instance, you may have heard these myths about foam mattresses:

  • Myth: All traditional memory foam mattresses “sleep hot”.
    • Fact: Recent research indicates that only about 8 percent of people find memory foam mattresses to be too hot. If you’re concerned this might be a problem for you, check out memory foam that’s open-celled, medium or low density, or has temperature neutral properties.
  • Myth: Gel memory foam mattresses are dramatically cooler.
    • Fact: There’s little to no evidence to back up the claim that gel foams provide cooler sleep than other types of memory foams.
  • Myth: Memory foam mattresses are much softer than innerspring mattresses.
    • Fact: Memory foam mattresses, like innerspring mattresses, run the gamut from extra-soft to extra-firm. And while you might think that the density of the foam would determine the mattresses firmness, a high-density memory foam mattress can actually be soft or firm.

Common Mattress Myths

Of course, innerspring, or coil, mattresses have their own set of myths:

  • Myth: The coil count of an innerspring mattress determines the comfort of the mattress.
    • Fact: It’s actually the type of coil and comfort layers that are most important when you’re trying to gauge comfort, support, and durability.
  • Myth: A firm innerspring mattress is the best option if you have a bad back.
    • Fact: A bed that’s too firm will cause your body to rest on pressure points like your shoulders and hips while leaving your lower back unsupported. A firm spring mattress is unlikely to have much give unless it’s covered in the right kind of foam. A medium-firm memory foam mattress is often a better option because it will mold to your body’s shape, absorbing shock and relieving pressure.

Debunking Common Mattress Myths

Some myths apply to mattresses in general:

  • Myth: Firm mattresses are better.
    • Fact: Mattress firmness is largely subjective, and you’ll need to try out some mattresses to see which works best for you. In general, soft mattresses conform to your shape but don’t give much support, while medium-firm mattresses provide both conformability and support, and firm mattresses offer support but don’t conform to your body. The choice that’s right for you depends on several factors, including your sleep position and weight.
  • Myth: New mattresses don’t need to be flipped.
    • Fact: Most mattresses today are one-sided, so they shouldn’t be flipped. However, they definitely should be rotated. In the first two months, rotate your mattress every two weeks. After that, up to six months, it should be rotated monthly. For mattresses older than six months, quarterly rotation is fine.
  • Myth: Mattresses must be replaced every eight years.
    • Fact: Some mattresses will last much longer than eight years, but some will wear out much sooner than that. A better indication of whether your mattress needs to be replaced is its condition. Is it still comfortable and supportive, or does it sag and cause you to feel pain when you wake up? Use your own judgment and replace your mattress when it’s worn out instead of on an arbitrary date.
  • Myth: The more expensive the mattress, the higher the quality.
    • Fact: Neither brand name nor price tag can tell you whether a mattress is going to be the best option for you. Some name brands charge more because of their established reputation but aren’t necessarily better than smaller manufacturers with lower brand recognition. It’s better to read reviews, find out how the mattress is made, and try it out to see if it’s comfortable before you make your decision.

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