Lift Recliners: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Getting up and out of your favorite recliner just might not be as easy as it used to be. If you or a loved one is having trouble, or requires assistance sitting into, or standing up from furniture – a lift recliner might be the right choice for you.

Simply put, a lift chair is a recliner with an additional motor that lifts the chair up and forward, in additional to its regular reclining position, for an easier entry and exit. Interested in learning more about lift chairs? Check out our list of commonly asked lift chair questions and our answers to help make your experience buying a lift recliner easier so you can get right to the relaxing!

1) Who is a lift recliner good for? Lift chairs are ideal for those who have difficulty getting in and out of chairs due to aging, arthritis, recent surgery, or generally limited mobility.

2) What are the different positions of lift chairs, and what do they mean? There are a few different position-types of lift chairs including "2 positions", "3 positions", and "infinite positions".

  • A 2 position chair reclines rearward to extend to the stretched out position. This reclines similar to that of a standard reclining chair.
  • A 3 position chair reclines rearward and the ottoman rises. The chair can be stopped at any position, and reclines further back than that of a standard recliner.
  • An infinite position lift chair is capable of reclining to a position parallel to the floor. The ottoman rises to above the heart or to a "zero gravity position", resulting in an infinite variety of positions to recline to.
3) What does chaise-lounge or chaise recliner mean? Chaise-lounge or chaise chairs mean the recliner has a seat pad that extends all the way to the bottom of the chair to the footrest. This provides comfort and supports the legs when reclined because there is no gap from seat to leg rest pad.

Franking Lift Chair

4) Is picking a fabric important? And what are the different fabrics? Picking a fabric is always an important aspect to consider when purchasing any furniture, but especially important for lift chairs as you or your loved one might be spending long periods of time in the chair. If this is the case, it might be best to go with a microfiber fabric that "breathes" easier. On the other hand, a leather chair is easier to clean, and it is a good option for those who predict many food or drink stains, or incontinence. The best fabric, however, is the one that is most comfortable for you or your loved one – if you have a favorite recliner now that is a specific fabric, it would be best to get as similar a fabric as you can!

red lift chair

5) Does a lift recliner take up more space than a regular recliner? There are many different styles, and sizes of lift recliners available on the market today. If you have a tight space or are worried about a lift recliner fitting in your living room, there are lift chairs available that can be put close to a wall or corner and will slide forward without reclining rearwards.

6) Are there any added features for lift chairs? Many lift chairs come with added features including cup holders, heating and massaging. For someone who has aches and pains these added features could go great ways to soothe them! Our Bonded Leather Lift Chair offers a 3 way lift and optimal comfort with a built in massage feature for just $798.

Leather Lift Chair

7) Is there a warranty on FFO Home lift chairs? All of FFO Home's Homestretch lift chairs offer a 3 year warranty on the lifting motors and frame, and a lifetime warranty on the metal mechanism. Additionally, Homestretch recliners offer a 1 year warranty on the fabric. If you are covered through Medicaid Part B, ask your provider if they will cover your lift recliner. In the past, Medicaid Part B has covered some of the costs of a lift recliner as durable medical equipment (DME) if your doctor prescribes the chair for use in your home.

Homestretch Lift Chair

Do you have more questions about lift recliners you would like answered? Ask your question using the hashtag #FFOHOMEATHOME and get connected with us right away!

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