Styling Your Home for the Fall

Is your home ready for fall? If you’re still in summertime mode, whether that means beachy vibes or Americana, it’s time to switch things up and get ready for fall! How can you create a fall feeling before the leaves even start to turn? We have some suggestions.

Start Inside the House

It doesn’t take much to take your home from a laid-back summer feeling to fall fabulous!

  • Add a little warmth. Warm colors, like orange, red, and golden hues, can make a home feel instantly cozy. Want to up your cozy game? Bring on the blankets. It never hurts to have extra blankets and throws around, but don’t stop with blankets on beds or in baskets. Plaids are especially appealing, and look great when draped on armchairs, laid across tables, or hung on walls as tapestries.
  • Go for gourds! Put pumpkins in surprising places like kitchen shelves or tucked away nooks, or you can use them in tabletop displays or even as vases for richly hued fall flowers. Pumpkins don’t have to be orange, so consider some white pumpkins, or even pumpkins decoupaged into a fun pattern. Don’t forget! Pumpkins aren’t the only gourds out there. Gourds are fun for decorating, because they come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they last a long time.
  • Jewel tones are very current and they’re perfect for fall. Oranges and reds aren’t the only colors that create a feeling of warmth. Deep, rich colors like emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and topaz make any space feel lush, comforting, and inviting.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

While fresh is great, reusable items means you don’t have to worry about replacing items over the season, and into next year.

  • Create a wreath for all seasons. You can take one basic wreath and decorate it differently each time the seasons change. Use one inside and one outside, decorating it to complement your décor. There’s no shortage of fall decorating ideas for wreaths, whether you choose to cover it in nuts, pinecones, leaves, flowers, fruit, feathers, or corn husks. You can even cut a thick branch into slices, using those round pieces of wood to artfully cover your wreath.
  • Choose fake décor over real flowers and leaves. Fresh flowers and dried leaves are beautiful, but let’s face it: flowers die and leaves crumble. When you go faux, you’ll have décor you can use year after year.
  • Raid your own linen closet. Blankets, runners, tablecloths, oh my! You’ll find a treasure trove of textiles to bring a fall look into your home décor. Plaids are huge this season, and there’s a good chance you’ve got some perfect plaid pieces tucked away that you didn’t even remember you had. Mix and match, for a look that’s uniquely yours and flawlessly fall.

  • Get seasonal with your accent pillows. Accent pillows are an easy way to change your look seasonally without too much effort or strain on your budget. They’re also something that can be easily stored and reused year after year. Start your pillow search at FFO Home. We have a variety of accent pillows you’re sure to love and priced at only $5!

  • Candles are the perfect way to set a mood. How can you go wrong when cozy, evocative fragrances meet the warm, appealing colors of fall? Mix and match some moody hues, throw in some sleek gold candleholders, and you’ve got a perfectly modern, entirely enticing display.
  • Go vintage! Want a piece of décor that’s a conversation starter with personality? Use a vintage tin instead of a vase to display a fall floral arrangement. Here’s another opportunity to use what you already own, raiding your attic, basement, garage, or grandmother’s house to find the perfect vintage pieces.

Carry Your Indoor Décor Outdoors

Make it simple, using colors and textures that complement your indoor ambience.

  • Add a touch of color. Carry the jewel tones and warm hues from the inside out, keeping a light touch without overdoing it. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  • Pumpkins are cheery. Whether indoor or out, make the most of the season’s favorite gourd.
  • Embrace natural elements. Leaves, pinecones, corn husks, and seasonal fruit can all be artfully displayed to liven up your patio or porch.

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