Transitioning Your Home to Summer Décor

As the weather warms up, you may revel in the blooming flowers, chirping birds, and bright sunshine. By embracing light, summery furniture and home accents, you can bring this feeling inside as well! Incorporate the following ideas to transition your home to summer décor.


In the winter, you want to surround yourself with heavy throw blankets, thick curtains, and shaggy area rugs. Stow these items away as the weather warms, simplifying your living space in the process. If you love bold patterns, feel free to use them, but keep them minimal enough that they don’t bring an overwhelming feeling to the room. Two great options include this eye-catching striped ottoman and patterned lampshade.


Bringing outdoor colors inside has been fashionable for a few years now. Rustic wood, terracotta, wrought iron, and burlap accents add a summery, outdoor feeling to your home without coming across as “country.” To keep the room from looking bland, consider contrasting the earth tones with a bold color on one piece of furniture or accessory, such as this patterned accent chair or striped area rug.

Bright Colors

Winter involves dark hues and cozy fabrics, but summer is about creating a light, airy feel. Bring in bright-colored accents that look great in the summer sun. Pale blue and green, cheery yellow and coral, and marine blue and turquoise are all appropriate this time of year. Incorporate them in throw pillows, tabletop trays, decorative boxes, and lampshades for a cost-effective transformation.

Beach References

Light neutral tones combined with cool blues bring the feeling of the beach into your home without looking too nautical. Blue furniture, like this shabby chic end table, is a great way to introduce blue hues. Cream-colored linen and white cotton are light, beachy fabrics appropriate for pillows, draperies, and slipcovers. Seashells and driftwood accents add a laid-back feel to your living space as well.

Eco-Friendly Living

As you begin enjoying more outdoor activities, you may want to incorporate eco-friendly materials in your home. Sustainable fabrics include organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and linen, while other materials such as copper, bronze, bamboo, and clay are also appropriate. Using these materials in your home is considered both trendy and environmentally responsible.

A New Focal Point

While the fireplace is a gathering spot in the winter, it goes unused for months at a time during the summer. Acknowledge this seasonal change by rearranging your living room furniture to shift the focus toward your beautiful French doors or the view out the window.

Art Swap

Perhaps you hung pictures of somber, leafless trees or snowy landscapes in the winter. It’s time to liven up your walls with art indicative of the warming temperatures. Consider a brightly colored animal painting or a summery country scene to completely change the mood in your home as warmer weather approaches.

Floral Fabrics

Brightly colored prints instantly lift the mood of a room. Simply lay down a botanical-patterned bedspread, hang lightweight curtains with vines printed on them, or add flowery throw pillows to the sofa. These accents make it easy and affordable to transition your home to summer décor.

Houseplants and Fresh Cut Flowers

Why stick to mere images of flowers and leaves when you can bring the real thing inside? As your garden comes back to life, create a few sweet-smelling floral arrangements in your kitchen and living room. Small clusters of radiant blooms add a cheery, summertime vibe to your home. For something a little more long-lived than a vase of flowers, consider buying a houseplant. You can even introduce a touch of greenery with artificial plants that last year after year.

Summer Décor at FFO Home

Looking for furniture and accents to transition your décor on a budget? FFO Home is the best place to turn. We’re proud to offer high-quality furniture at prices up to 50 percent less than what you would expect to pay elsewhere. From living room and bedroom furniture to home accents and accessories, we have everything you need to decorate your home for summer. We keep a wide selection in stock for same-day purchase and delivery. Plus, with our price guarantee and 0% special financing, you can update your décor for the lowest possible price.

Visit a store near you to shop for summertime furniture and accents for your home.

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