Ways to Make Your Home Look Picture Perfect on a Budget

Do you ever flip through home and garden magazines to ooh and aah at the flawless interiors on display? Many of the designs you see cost a fortune to create, but with the right techniques, you can get that picture-perfect look on a budget.

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Add Throw Pillows

Sofas are often a solid, neutral color to avoid making the room look too busy. Adding throw pillows is an inexpensive accessory that brightens up the room and makes the sofa cozier. Be brave—mix and match colors and textures, and consider trading them out in different seasons. Opt for soft velvet or decorative fur in the winter and light linen or cotton in the summer.

Add Color Contrast

Paint is extremely affordable, yet it can make a huge difference when creating a picture-perfect home. It’s best to have your furniture picked out before selecting a color for the wall. This makes it easy to choose a contrasting hue.

For instance, if you choose a dark gray sofa and loveseat, you’ll want to paint the walls a lighter color. On the other hand, if you opt for a light-colored sectional, it’s better to paint the walls a darker shade. When in doubt, stick to neutral tones. This simple trick is enough to make your home look more luxurious.

Install a Backsplash

Kitchen makeovers are expensive, but you would be surprised what a difference a new backsplash can make. If you want this to be a DIY project, consider choosing mosaic tiles with mesh backing for easy installation. Go bold or keep it neutral—either option can make your home look picture perfect.

Hang Affordable Artwork

Framed wall art adds a beautiful talking point to your bedroom or living room. Before you start shopping, arrange the furniture properly so you can see what wall sizes and orientations you have to work with.

Keep scale in mind—a small picture on a huge wall will look disproportionate. To fill a large, empty wall, consider creating a collage of smaller photos, paintings, or prints. This creates visual interest and may be more affordable than buying one large piece of art.

Choose a Bold Headboard

Of all the furniture in your home, none gets more use than your bed. Frame your high-quality mattress with a statement headboard to create a distinctly elegant look. Tufted, upholstered headboards are a fashionable choice, and sleigh beds are a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Place a Reading Chair in the Corner

While you don’t need to fill every empty corner in your home, the addition of a reading chair in the office or master bedroom can create the expensive look you’re going for. A patterned accent chair serves as a bold decoration while providing a comfortable place to settle down with a good book.

Create the Look of Built-in Furniture

Custom built-ins are expensive, but if you have the right tools and a little woodworking skill, you can build floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. These almost always look more expensive than standalone bookcases. They also create a beautiful accent wall for your living room or office.

When filling your bookcase, consider interspersing decorative accents among the books to create visual interest. Above all else, keep the shelves dusted and tidy to maintain a high-end look worthy of a design magazine.

Don’t Skimp on Lighting

You may rely on natural light during the day, but after dark, the light fixtures in your home come to life. General overhead lighting is useful at times, but you need table and floor lamps to create ambiance and task lighting. With the right lamp design and placement, you can illuminate your home at night and provide a decorative accent during the day.

Hang Mirrors to Make the Space Look Larger

Since mirrors reflect the things around them, they play a trick on your eye, making the room look brighter and larger than it really is. Place large mirrors in strategic locations, such as over the fireplace or above your dresser, to create the illusion of added visual space and a more expensive-looking home.

Lay Down an Area Rug

A cozy area rug serves two important purposes—to provide something soft underfoot and to decorate the room. Because they are subjected to heavy foot traffic, make sure you choose a high-quality, handmade wool rug that will stand the test of time.

FFO Home has the furniture and décor you need to make your home look picture perfect on a budget. Visit one of our stores to enjoy superior customer service and expert design advice while you shop for just the right additions to your home.


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