Why Natural Element Mattresses Make a Difference

If you aim for the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, this means you spend a third of your life lying on a mattress. This makes it the most-used piece of furniture in your home. If your current mattress no longer meets your needs, it might be time to shop for a replacement.

Why are you looking for a new mattress? Maybe you routinely wake up with a crick in your neck or you’re upgrading to a larger size. Perhaps your mattress is simply getting old and starting to wear out. Whatever the reason, you’re wise to research your options thoroughly before making your final decision.

Great Prices on Natural Elements Mattresses from FFO Home

With so many brands, types, and materials to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a new mattress. You want something high-quality—a product that’s good for your health and the environment—but you also want a good deal.

At FFO Home, we make it possible to find everything you want in a new mattress. We are committed to curating an inventory of mattresses that is second to none.

One of our most popular lines is called Natural Elements. This private label bedding brand utilizes the same cutting-edge features found in national brands, but at less than half the cost. We’re able to provide substantial savings to our customers by manufacturing these world-class bedding products ourselves. This cuts out the middleman, allowing us to pass the savings straight to you.


What Else Do You Look for in a New Mattress?

Everyone wants a good deal, but price isn’t everything. Your mattress should also be high-quality and environmentally sustainable. These are the qualities that set Natural Elements mattresses apart.

Organic & Non-Toxic Materials

A typical mattress contains petroleum-based products, toxic foam, synthetic fabrics, and fire retardant treatments. These components off-gas dangerous chemicals for months or even years after being manufactured, exposing you and your family to toxins while you sleep. It’s difficult to know how much a mattress is off-gassing because, long after the initial chemical smell dissipates, petroleum-based mattresses continue to release odor-free fumes.

The best way to promote the health and safety of your family is to buy an organic mattress. As the name suggests, Natural Elements bedding only contains raw, natural products. We carefully manage our production process to ensure only organic materials are used in each premium mattress we create.

The primary ingredient is 100% natural Talalay latex made from the milk of rubber trees instead of petroleum-based memory foam. We also use water-based glue in lieu of petroleum-based adhesive. Then, the balance of our bedding foam is soy-based, and our mattress fabrics come from organically produced cotton. 

Manufactured Sustainably & Responsibly in the USA

Environmental concerns are a big factor when shopping for a new mattress. Not only does the use of chemicals and synthetic products endanger your family, but it also puts the environment at risk. Since you buy a new mattress about once every 10 years, it’s important to know that each one promotes a brighter future for our ecosystem.

Natural Elements mattresses are produced right here in the US at our company-owned manufacturing plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This alone reduces our carbon footprint because each mattress has a shorter distance to travel on the way to our Midwest store locations. In addition, we source the Canadian Pine used in our box springs from environmentally responsible reforesting operations.

At FFO Home, we are proud to produce high-quality, natural bedding that is more affordable than any other organic mattresses available anywhere. We have the lowest prices guaranteed and a 100% satisfaction warranty, so you can buy with confidence. Find a location near you to try out our 2020 lineup of 12 new Natural Elements mattresses today!

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