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Choose the right mattress for the way you sleep for the most comfortable night’s sleep.
Open Coil
Support: Firm
Preferred By: Sleepers with back pain. Great for kids.

Budget-friend and universally comfortable, a series of connected springs provides a supportive foundation for a great night’s sleep.
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Pocket Coil
Support: Firm, Medium
Preferred By: Back and side sleepers.

Get durable and dynamic support from a series of individually wrapped springs that contour your back, neck, shoulders and hips.
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Support: Soft, Medium
Preferred By: Sleepers with joint pain or aches and pains. Great for couples.

The ultimate blend of comfort and quality, responsive foam conforms to your body to provide a low-pressure, outstandingly comfortable mattress.
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Support: Soft, Medium
Preferred By: Stomach & side sleepers.

Get enhanced comfort and support with a mattress that uses a combination of construction types to provide an ideal level of comfort.
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Not sure which Mattress is right for you?

Check out our guide to finding the mattress that is perfect for the way you sleep and get a great night’s sleep tonight.
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Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, we have a mattress just right for you.
For an extra cozy feel, plush mattresses have a combination of a plush pillow top and firm supportive base that feel like a hug while you sleep.
Best for: Side Sleepers
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Not too soft, but not too firm, medium mattresses give you the best of both worlds in support and softness for a universally comfortable sleep.
Best for: Side & Stomach Sleepers
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If you’re looking for the most support to maintain natural spine alignment while you sleep, a firm mattress is for you.
Best for: Back & Side Sleepers
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Rest easy knowing if your Natural Elements mattress doesn’t meet our rigorous standards you’ll receive a full replacement within the term of the warranty.
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Natural Elements

Get a naturally better night’s sleep with our exclusive Natural Elements mattresses that have the same cutting-edge sleep technology and great quality as name brands with prices up to 70% lower. Plus all mattresses are made in the USA.
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Serta® combines smart innovation, precise engineering and industry-leading testing to ensure quality, and durability. Find the perfect mattress for you. 
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iComfort mattresses are handcrafted by certified craftsmen, made with precise engineering to meet the highest standards to deliver exceptional, lasting quality. 
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