FFO Protection Plan

FFO Protection Plan is serviced by Guardian covers you for 5 Full years for most accidental stains and many accidental damages that occur from a single incident.*

This is a plan summary. Click on the link below for the complete terms and conditions.

Products Covered

• Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Furniture

• Wood and Hard Surface Furniture

• Lamps

• Area Rugs

How to file a claim

To file a claim with Guardian, click here or call 1-800-538-9500. All claims must be reported within 30 days of the incident.

FFO Protection has you covered for accidental stains & damage*

Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Furniture

All Accidental Stains (except caustic and corrosive materials):
• Food & beverage stains (such as wine, juice, baby formula) 
• Cosmetics stains (such as makeup, nail polish, nail polish remover, lipstick and body lotions) 
• Bodily fluids from humans and pets 
• Ink, marker, and crayon stains 
• Grease, shoe polish, and grass & gum stains

Accidental Rips, Cuts, & Burns, and Motor Breakage:

• Rips, cuts, and punctures (unintentional damages from items such as pens, scissors, and knives)

• Burns (such as cigarette, e-cigarette and irons)

• Breakage of frames, springs, sleeper, reclining, inclining, heating & vibrating mechanisms after the manufacturer warranty has expired**

• Breakdown or breakage of motors for motorized recliners and reclining furniture after the manufacturer warranty has expired limited to a single incident**

Wood and Hard Surface Furniture

• All accidental stains (except caustic and corrosive substances)

• Gouge, heat mark or any liquid ring

• Chip, scratch, or breakage of glass, mirror components and loss of silvering on mirrors

• Breakage of wood or other hard surface


• All accidental stains (except caustic and corrosive substances)

• Tears to lamp shades

• Breakage of lamp

• Damage to switch or cord (USB port not included)

Area Rugs

• Food & beverage stains

• Cosmetic stains

• Bodily fluids from humans and pets

• Ink, marker, & crayon stains

• Grease, shoe polish, grass, and gum stains

Here are a few exceptions that are not covered*

Certain stains, odors, and general wear & tear:

• Stains from corrosive materials that erode or strip the finish or color

• Stains that build up over time (such as dirt or general soiling)

• Fading or discoloration that happens over time (such as from hair products)

• Odors resulting from stains

• Multiple pet stains

Issues caused by misuse or the manufacturer:

• Damage from misuse (such as jumping on furniture)

• Defects not covered by Bob’s 1 Year Guarantee

• Damage covered by homeowners or renters insurance or contractors working on your home

• Scratches

• Animal or pet damages (such as damage caused by beaks, claws, or jaws)

• General dirt on rugs and burns on lamps

* All claims must be reported within 30 days of the incident. You must report a specific cause of the incident. Some exclusions apply. See protection plan terms and conditions for details. A copy of the plan is available for review at a Bob’s store. You’ll receive a copy of your protection plan documents via the email address that you provided at the time of purchase. You may also view your documents online by clicking “File A Goof Claim”. If you have any questions, please contact Guardian online or at (800) 538-9500.

** Covered after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Coverage for motors is limited to a single incident. | LC-GDBSTAINSM 08/2019 Terms & Conditions

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