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Return Policy & Warranty

Return Policy

We offer a 7 day return policy at our discretion for all items purchased in-store or online with the exception of Mattress in a Box items.

All Mattress in a Box items can be returned in-store for a full refund or store credit up to 60 days from the date of delivery though we ask that you keep the mattress for a minimum of 30 days as it can take this long for your body to adjust to a new mattress. If you are not located near a store and as we are not able to take back mattress in a box items, we will help arrange donation to a local charity or homeless shelter and provide a full refund.


FFO Home offers a one-year warranty limited to product defects related to manufacturing workmanship and/or defective materials. For all approved and covered warranty claims, FFO Home will, at FFO Home’s discretion, repair the product, exchange it for the same item (if still available), or give you in-store credit for the original price you paid for the product.

1. Warranty is valid only for original purchaser and cannot be transferred to a third party (purchaser must retain original sales receipt and present it with any warranty claim).
2. Damages due to any causes, other than manufacturing workmanship and/or defective materials, are not covered. Specific examples of non-covered items are:
a. Any type of commercial usage of product
b. Damage or product deterioration from normal wear and tear
c. Damage from abuse, intentional or accidental activity
d. Damage due to exposure to extreme temperature or humidity
e. Damage due to unauthorized repair and/or use of cleaning agents/materials
f. Damages due to any/all causes, other than manufacturing workmanship and/or defective materials
3. This Limited Warranty expressly excludes any & all consequential or incidental damage/loss, other than to the furniture itself, which may result from a defect in the furniture.
4. FFO Home’s discretionary 7 day return policy does not apply to Bedding products, which are only eligible for in-store credit on approved warranty claims
5. The above described Limited Warranty is the only warranty offered. No potential implied warranties (merchantibility; fitness for a particular purpose; etc.) are offered or included as part of this Limited Warranty.

1. To submit a claim under this Limited Warranty, the original buyer should:
a. Contact FFO Home store where purchased
b. If you need additional assistance, contact FFO Home Customer Service (toll free) at 1-855-896-9699, or by email at
c. Know the name of original purchaser (please retain your original purchase receipt)
d. If furniture must be returned, return/delivery is the customer’s responsibility
2. FFO Home Customer Service will:
a. Initiate review of the claim
b. Coordinate with the customer to obtain any additional needed information
c. Advise the customer (original purchaser) of the claims status - Approved/Denied
d. For approved claims, FFO Home will coordinate with the customer to process the claim per the Limited Warranty (ie, repair the product, exchange it for the same item (if still available), or give you “in-store credit” for the original price)