Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs
There are few things as adorable (or comfortable) as a sleeping puppy. We're here to make your workday a little better with a few cuddled up canines that are sure to warm your heart and brighten your day! Take a look below and then stop by in-store to see how you can start sleeping as well as your snoring furry friend!

#1 Pawssibly the cutest snoring dog around...


#2 Tiny dog, big bed.

#3 Sharing is caring.

#4 Snug as a bug (or a puppy).

#5 I take naps with a little help from my friends...

#6 Work hard, nap harder.

#7 Never miss your opportunity to nap in the sun.

#8 When you have a never ending to do list but take a nap instead.

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6/23/2019 1:05 PM
Thank you for showing pitties in a positive light! <3  Pittie Mom